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Empowering Innovators to Pioneer Climate Adaptation Solutions for a Resilient Tomorrow



The Adaptation & Resilience (A&R) ClimAccelerator in Tanzania is a specialised programme designed to ignite innovation, catalyse growth, and scale the potential climate adaptation solutions created by local start-ups.

The A&R ClimAccelerator provides your start-up with the professional resources, knowledge, network and financial assistance you need to kickstart and scale your climate adaptation solution successfully.

Our mission is to empower you to scale innovative climate solutions, thereby bolstering Tanzania's capacity to adapt and build resilience in the face of its distinctive climate and environmental conditions, all while fostering the well-being of rural communities.

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Why Apply

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    Mentorship and Expert Guidance

    Receive mentorship from experienced professionals in business development and climate adaptation solutions.

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    Networking and Partnerships

    Connect with industry experts, potential collaborators, and other start-ups in the same sector for partnerships and knowledge exchange.

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    Access to Resources

    Get access to research, data, and infrastructure resources essential for developing and implementing climate adaptation solutions.

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    Funding Opportunities

    Get access to funding through grants, equity investment, or financial support to develop and scale your climate solutions through the programme and our partners.

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    Tailored Support

    Get specific support tailored to each startup's unique needs and challenges, recognising that your business may require different assistance.


What kind of startups are eligible

We are looking for startups that develop solutions for climate adaptation and resilience in the rural context of Tanzania. Climate adaptation and resilience are pivotal in today's rapidly changing environment. Adaptation involves implementing strategies, actions, and solutions that help societies effectively respond to the adverse impacts of climate change, such as extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and shifting ecosystems. Resilience, on the other hand, is about strengthening communities, ecosystems, and economies to withstand the impacts of climate change, ensuring they can recover swiftly and thrive amidst changing conditions.

In this call, we seek innovative startup teams with prototypes/MVPs, startups with a customer base that create transformative solutions and technologies in climate adaptation and resilience. We are looking for startups that embody visionary approaches to safeguard our environment and communities, developing products or services that fortify infrastructures, enhance ecosystem vitality, and foster sustainable practices to navigate the challenges of climate change successfully.



The Adaptation and Resilience ClimAccelerator is a multi-stage programme that supports start-ups developing climate adaptation solutions. It starts with application and selection, proceeds to a pre-acceleration phase for refining ideas, and then enters a core acceleration phase with resources and mentorship. The programme concludes with pitch events and offers post-acceleration support. The A&R ClimAccelerator guides start-ups through the entire journey of developing and scaling climate adaptation solutions.


Outreach and Engagement

Oct, 2023


Call For Applications

26 Oct - 10 Dec, 2023


Screening and Selection

11 Dec - 22 Dec, 2023


Programme Launch

January, 2024


Climate Bootcamp

January, 2024


Business Bootcamp

February, 2024


Remote Support


Demo Day


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For Startups

Call all start-ups passionate about climate adaptation solutions and supporting rural communities! Join our vibrant community to supercharge your growth. With us, you'll receive invaluable mentorship, funding opportunities, and connections to propel your climate-focused venture forward. Take the chance to realise your vision and be part of a dynamic ecosystem committed to shaping a sustainable world.


For Investors

Investors make a meaningful impact by becoming part of our community. We offer access to a curated selection of high-potential start-ups focused on adaptation solutions. By joining us, you can diversify your portfolio with purpose-driven investments while supporting innovation that addresses global environmental challenges. Be a catalyst for change and profit from transitioning to a sustainable economy.


For Other Partners

Join our community of forward-thinking partners and play a pivotal role in driving innovation and sustainability. Collaborate with us to tap into cutting-edge research, access disruptive technologies, and harness the creativity of start-ups. Together, we can co-create solutions, align with global sustainability goals, and shape a better future for our planet and society.


Implementing Partners

The A&R ClimAccelerator in Tanzania adopts an ecosystem-centered approach to support climate adaptations solutions and start-ups. This approach recognises that addressing climate change and promoting sustainable technologies require a holistic and collaborative effort involving various stakeholders and elements within the start-up ecosystem


Frequently Asked Questions

A&R ClimAccelerator is a comprehensive programme to support start-ups working on climate adaptation solutions in Tanzania. Its primary objective is to provide start-ups with the resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to develop and scale their climate-focused ventures.

ClimAccelerator is a global programme for start-ups to innovate, catalyse and scale the potential of their climate solutions.

Startups working on climate adaptation and resilience solutions are eligible to apply. We encourage startup teams with Prototypes/MVPs, startups with a customer base to participate in the A&R ClimAccelerator programme.

A&R ClimAccelerator provides support services, including funding opportunities, mentorship from industry experts, access to resources and infrastructure, networking events, and educational programmes to help start-ups refine their business models.

The A&R ClimAccelerator program offers free participation.

Start-ups are selected based on factors such as the uniqueness and potential impact of their climate solutions, the competence of their founding team, and their readiness to receive support and funding.

A&R ClimAccelerator is a 6 month multi-stage programme. It begins with an application and selection process, followed by pre-acceleration and core acceleration phases, and continues with post-acceleration support. The duration of each stage may vary, but the entire programme is designed to guide start-ups through their growth journey.

There are various ways to get involved for investors with a passion for driving climate-focused innovation and seeking entry to groundbreaking opportunities. You can become mentors, share your expertise as advisors, or become essential funding partners. We invite you to connect with us to learn more about exciting collaboration prospects that align with your vision.

Success rates can vary depending on the start-ups' dedication to leveraging the programme's resources. You can achieve significant milestones, including securing funding, scaling their operations, and making a meaningful impact on climate-related issues.

Applications for the A&R ClimAccelerator program are open to Tanzanian startups developing resilience and climate adaption solutions.

Note: A startup registered in the United Republic of Tanzania (either Mainland or Isles) or a startup team led by a Tanzanian is referred to as a Tanzanian startup in this context.

You can contact our programme coordinator for detailed information about the application process, programme timelines, and any upcoming events or opportunities related to the A&R ClimAccelerator Tanzania

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